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Predator Hand Saws


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Professional Saws
Spear & Jackson began making saws well over 200 years ago. The wealth of experience gained over
this period of time is just one of the many reasons why Spear & Jackson have a unique reputation.


Reference Desc Size Product Availability Qty
B9814 Toolbox 14" 14"x 14ppi Hard Point Toolbox Saw - B9814 In stock
B9822 Universal 22" 22"x 8ppi Hard Point Universal Saw - B9822 In stock
B98UPVC Plastic 20" 20"x 14ppi Hard Point PVC/Plastic Saw - B98UPVC In stock
B98LAMINATE Laminate 20" 20"x 14ppi Hard Point Laminate Saw - B98LAMINATE In stock
B98SF Second FIx 22" 22"x 10ppi Hard Point Second Fix Saw - B98SF In stock
B98FLOORING Flooring 11" 11"x 8ppi Hard Point Floorboard Saw - B98FLOORING In stock

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The Spear & Jackson Predator range is a range of hardpoint saws especially created to meet the most demanding professional. The optimum applications for each type of saw are included in the table below. Less familiar terms worth noting within the table are ‘Fleam Tooth’ which is a tooth form that cuts on both the forward and backward stroke for extra speed, and ‘Triplefast’ which is our term for triple ground teeth - which again cuts on both the forward and backward stroke for extra speed, but also provides an exceptionally smooth cut and finish in soft woods.